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New Single - "Stellar"

Featuring Laura Benson, Connor Scalzi, and song namesake K. "Stellar" Dutcher of transcendental indie folk band The Seventh String, "Stellar" is an anthem to life.

I composed this song in 2015, and synthesized ideas from a different conceptual spheres. I was inspired by the notion that the carbon that makes up a lot of the human experience comes from. former stars - "we are made of star stuff."

Brian Swimme's work in Cosmology - "The 10 Powers of Evolution". 

I was influenced by Dr. Pamela Eakins and Dr. Jean Houston's work and writing on the 10 Powers of Evolution. 

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A musician, devotional student of early music, and storyteller for the ages, Firefly is emerging onto the music scene with her second (solo) EP “Shift Shaper”, dropping October 27, 2021.  

Coming from a musical family, Firefly spent her childhood in Northern California, learning to play piano and clarinet. An immersion in folk classics and obsession with 90’s female singer-songwriters led her to seek out voice lessons while teaching herself guitar.  90’s gothic bands like Dead Can Dance and Vas opened up a fascination with bridging ancient and future sounds with a moody twist.

Inspiration spilled into songwriting in her early twenties, and she quickly took to the stage. She spent nearly a decade up and down the West Coast and performing around the US, at festivals and events to song-leading at retreats and in community rituals.

For years she has delighted audiences with lyrical depth, humor, and passion using song to bring people together in community.  Firefly’s sultry sound and intimate songstress energy led to potent musical collaboration while continuing to explore her own music. She released her first EP, Faith Frequency, in 2015. Firefly then joined the transcendental indie folk band The Seventh String in 2017, launching a successful Kickstarter for the group's debut studio album Off to Starboard.   

Firefly’s forthcoming EP, “Shiftshaper”, is breaking new ground in her career, partnering with Jackson Mathey of Sherpa Sound in electronic production to bring her sound to the next level. “Shiftshaper” is an invitation into the depth of the human experience, opening doorways to raw emotion and unhinged devotion. Building bridges to heal and inspire, “Shift Shaper” is a folktronica journey of moody soundscapes and inspirational themes, with a strong 90’s singer-songwriter sound.  Firefly is a lyrical force not to be missed, as she continues to weave community through song and story.